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Who We Are

Rhize Tech navigates this complex technology-driven world bringing big city technology and access to remote locations. Rhize above what you thought possible. Rhize above with elevated technology solutions that will set your business free. Rhizomes are organisms in nature that can grow from any point—like an aspen tree that spreads from the roots instead of a single seed. And just like the spidery roots of a sprawling aspen grove, we are all connected through the web.

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Crafted by people, for people, we work tirelessly to
provide clients with world-class technology solutions.


Climbing the mountain together.

“…genuinely cares about doing the best for us, not just themselves.” – Tim Hadfield, VVMC
“easy to contact and always willing to help when I need them, unlike many other vendors.”
“Excellent communication, innovative solutions, responsive to customer demands, and overall ease of business.” – Josh Gipson, Accu-Tech
“Thorough and knowledgeable in the products and services they sell.”
“The project will get done no matter what.” – Ryan Kolczak, VVMC
“Rhize Tech has been a critical component to the success of our recent data center migration and our current projects.” – Zach Gerzon, VVMC


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