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4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Managed Services

Managing the broad range of technologies and services your business needs to find success in today’s world is tough! Because of this, the list of organizations turning to IT professionals (like us) to manage everything from Data Centers to Network Security and Applications is growing. Recent studies have shown that by 2019, the managed services […]

Transforming a Multi-Building Campus: Rhize Tech’s 100-Hour Donation Brings Cutting-Edge Network Infrastructure to Non-Profit Medical Facility in Gypsum, Colorado

When a non-profit medical facility in Gypsum, Colorado needed an infrastructure, layout, and cabling overhaul for MDFs and IDFs in a multi-building campus, one of our engineers donated over 100 hours of his time. He connected all of the buildings using a mixture of ethernet extenders and wireless point-to-point shots, as well as built out […]

Ensuring HIPAA Compliance: Rhize Tech Delivers a Secure Wireless Network for a Local Health Insurer with Intrusion Detection, Prevention and Penetration Testing

HIPAA compliance is not something healthcare providers can take lightly, and the regulations require infallible solutions. To ensure that a local health insurer’s wireless network was compliant, one of our engineers designed a wireless intrusion detection and prevention system using Cisco MSE, firewall configuration, rogue detection, and wireless controllers. He also provided network scanning and […]

Cost-Effective Network Management and Upgrades: Vail Valley Medical Center Relies on 24x7x365 Managed Services for Seamless IT Operations and Infrastructure Refresh

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With the goal of keeping costs down and middle-of-the-night emergencies for internal IT staff at a minimum, Vail Valley Medical Center hired us to handle network connectivity issues, security vulnerabilities, backup alerts and more on a 24x7x365 basis. As VVMC’s extra set of eyes and ears, we proactively maintain the health of their environment so […]

We’d Like to Introduce Ourselves!

We recently came to the realization that despite having a few years of business under our belt, we’ve not formally introduced ourselves. You’ll begin to see regular content posted to this blog, but before we start blasting you weekly, we thought it best to make a formal introduction. So, here goes. Hello, we are Rhize! […]

Startup Culture In The Mountains

There are two types of startup companies in the world: regular startups and mountain startups. (Ok, there are a few more, but go with it.)  Like all startups, Rhize Tech boasts a lean team with lofty goals, made up of industry experts and creative minds committed to innovative, fresh solutions. Like all startups, Rhize Tech […]