Our operations manager, Molly, took some time off at the end of March to explore parts of South Africa and Victoria Falls (one of the Seven Wonders of the World!).

Where did you stay?  We hopped around from Cape Town to Franschhoek to the Sabi Sands Reserve to the Zambezi River.

What did you do while you were there?  In Cape Town we did lots of walking through the city and outlying areas, hiked Table Mountain (might as well have been a 14er!), and ate at some amazing restaurants. In Franschhoek we went wine tasting, in the Sabi Sands we were on safari, and in Zambia we saw Victoria Falls and spent some time on the Zambezi River.

What was your favorite part of the trip?  Seeing every animal imaginable up close and personal on the safari, and taking a helicopter ride over Victoria Falls.

What was most surprising to you about the trip?  I was very surprised at how metropolitan Cape Town was, and I was surprised at how far the dollar went in both South Africa and Zambia.

Recommendations for anyone traveling there in the future:
Look up a list of the best restaurants in Cape Town — the food scene there is incredible and not overly expensive, so make sure you’re going to all the best places! Stay at Dulini River Lodge in the Sabi Sands if you ever go on safari — the location is right on the river and their staff is outstanding.