Terry Williams

Founder & CEO

As a top performing high school and collegiate athlete, Terry transitioned his All-American talents to his professional IT career. With no fear of the big stage, he worked his way up the enterprise IT ladder with impact roles at AT&T, Sprint, Level3 Communications, and EDS. After rolling out 10 Tier-4 data centers, working in Level3’s Dedicated NOC, managing complicated IT for mergers and acquisitions, and building out Colorado’s first electronic voter registration system, Terry turned his sights to healthcare IT. Over the past eight years, Terry has made waves in the industry by bringing technology to the forefront, and in 2014 he launched one of Colorado’s fastest growing companies, Rhize Tech. A natural-born leader on and off the field, Terry has assembled a team of industry leaders committed to excellence, fair pricing, exceptional customer service, and providing world-class technology solutions that allow companies to run faster and more efficiently. Rhize Tech is changing the game in Information Technology solutions and consulting.
Byron Radcliff Profile Photo

Byron Radcliff

Senior Engineer

Chad Lieurance

Enterprise Sales Engineer

Brandon Boseman Profile Photo

Brandon Boseman

Director of Sales and Marketing

Gaby Bonilla

Account Manager

Rhize Tech’s account manager extraordinaire joined the team from distribution giant Tech Data. With over 10 years of IT-specific partner management, Gaby uses her tech prowess to secure optimal solutions for all Rhize Tech clients. Gaby has an eye for industry trends, and her ability to forecast advantageous deals and promotions makes her one of the most sought-after account managers in the business. She specializes in Cisco and VMware product lines. Gaby is also a triathlete, adventure sports enthusiast, world traveler and animal lover.
Jim Krzyzaniak Profile Photo

Jim Krzyzaniak

Service Delivery Engineer