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Hacking the Hacker: Unveiling the Secrets in Cybersecurity

We recently hosted a webinar with Jason McNew, a former Camp David Special Missions Command and cybersecurity expert, to teach us about cybersecurity and ransomware protection. 

Technology, business, cybersecurity and our culture have changed drastically in the last 20 years. The advancements we have seen have opened new doors for growth, but also for cyber attacks. Cyber attacks are becoming more prevalent, especially ransomware on small to medium-sized businesses. In the webinar, Jason details how to protect your business from ransomware attacks.

What Is Cybersecurity? 

There are two definitions of cybersecurity, Jason explained: the process of deploying technologies to protect an organization and the business of managing risk in a scientific and measurable way. While this definition is simplified, both definitions are true and work together to create a foundation for cybersecurity knowledge. 

Why Small Businesses?

North Americans only make up a small portion of internet users but we are victims of about 94 percent of all cyber attacks. Small businesses make up a good portion of these. Why? Because cybercriminals see them as easy targets. Your small business is less likely to have the robust security protocols of a large corporation. 

The attackers come in all shapes and sizes, and many put up a front as a reputable IT company. The motivations may vary (more on that in the webinar), but they all seek to gain monetary profits. They generally steal your data to sell, in the case of ransomware attacks, they hold this data hostage until you pay them.

Ransomware: A Silent Threat 

Ransomware is malicious software, secretly put on your computer by these cybercriminal organizations. They steal your data, and hold it ransom until you pay them a large sum of money. The outcome varies depending on the cybercriminal and other factors involved. 

Ransomware attacks do not happen quickly like you see in TV shows and movies. Jason explains that the whole ransomware attack process can take months. For most of that time, your organization is blissfully unaware it’s happening.

Ransomware is also extremely expensive and can close your business down. According to Jason, it is not just the ransom the cybercriminals are asking for, it’s a myriad of other, sometimes larger, costs that occur. 

The key is to have ransomware protection in place from a reputable IT provider. In the webinar, Jason mentions a few other steps you can take, such as implementing multi-factor authentication and ensuring software is regularly updated. 

Ransomware Protection and More

Unfortunately, ransomware is not the only cyber attack your business can face. The more you know about what lurks in the shadows, the easier it is to spot the cybercriminal standing there. Download our guide to boost your cybersecurity knowledge. 

Thanks again to Jason McNew for taking the time to educate us on cybersecurity and ransomware.

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