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Startup Culture In The Mountains

There are two types of startup companies in the world: regular startups and mountain startups. (Ok, there are a few more, but go with it.)

 Like all startups, Rhize Tech boasts a lean team with lofty goals, made up of industry experts and creative minds committed to innovative, fresh solutions. Like all startups, Rhize Tech prioritizes fun: team lunches, happy hours, holiday parties and more. And like all startups, Rhize Tech offers services that make people’s lives easier.

 Unlike all startups, however, Rhize Tech is based in the mountains. Perched at the base of Beaver Creek Mountain in the beautiful Vail Valley of Colorado, Rhize Tech takes startup culture to an entirely new level.

 Ten inches of new snow for a mountain startup doesn’t mean you work from home; it means that your 9 AM meeting has been relocated to the gondola.

 Summer Fridays for a mountain startup are not meant for getting the hell out of town as quickly as possible; they’re meant for stealing an afternoon on your bike in Eagle or squeezing in your first hike of the weekend with a co-worker.

 Second only to building cutting-edge solutions for our partners, the mountain lifestyle is why we get out of bed in the morning.

 The myriad benefits of working for a startup (flexible hours, remote work, company-paid meals and outings, to name a few) paired with a mountain location are what make our employees so happy and so fulfilled. And as a result, our clients end up feeling the same way.

 Concrete jungle-based startups may be the ones you hear about in the news, but the growing trend and need for employee satisfaction is going to change that very quickly. We’re thrilled to be on the forefront of it all, despite that we’d like to keep it a secret for ourselves!

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