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We’d Like to Introduce Ourselves!

We recently came to the realization that despite having a few years of business under our belt, we’ve not formally introduced ourselves. You’ll begin to see regular content posted to this blog, but before we start blasting you weekly, we thought it best to make a formal introduction. So, here goes. Hello, we are Rhize! It’s a pleasure to meet you.

We’ve been quietly kicking around since 2013 when our founder, Terry Williams, saw an opportunity to bring world-class IT solutions to Colorado’s largely underserved mountain communities. Why should the best technology be left to big cities? Since our founding, we’ve been working to rescue our friends in the Vail Valley and surrounding communities from the doldrums of ho-hum tech. This is our mission and purpose.

When we aren’t saving our friends from data center disasters or providing cutting-edge technology solutions, chances are you’ll find us playing outside. From flying through powder on the slopes of Vail Mountain and competing in triathlons to exploring the depths of our world’s oceans, the Rhize team is active! The richness of our lives outside the office keeps us energized at work. After all, each of us is a tech nerd at heart, and that’s why we are so genuinely passionate about what we do.

Since our founding, Terry has worked to cultivate a lighthearted, familial culture that extends well beyond the Rhize team. We don’t love the words ‘customer’ or ‘client’ — we prefer to view everyone we work with as friends and partners. It is the power of collaboration that brings success to all of us. We want to help transform your business by providing state-of-the-art solutions and then sharing a beer with you when the day is done.

Our work may be digital, but our hearts and minds are analog. It’s the combination of human ingenuity and digital innovation that is transforming our world, and we want to share the best of these new technologies with you. So if you’d like to hang out, chat over coffee and doughnuts (our staff has a legendary sweet-tooth), or grab a drink at E-Town (also known as our satellite office) to find out how we can work together to transform your business, let us know!

That’s enough about us. What’s your story? We’d love to know — get in touch with us on social media and start the conversation!

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