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Terry Williams: A Visionary Leader With a Heart for Community

At the helm of Rhize Tech, an expert managed service provider, Terry Williams is a seasoned CEO and visionary leader whose commitment to community welfare is second to none. His proficiency in guiding our company with a unique blend of expertise and empathy has not only propelled Rhize Tech to new heights but has also inspired us to extend our top-tier services to a broader spectrum. 

Today, we are thrilled to announce our dedication to offering the same unparalleled helpdesk and managed IT services, typically reserved for enterprise clients, to small and medium-sized businesses. This commitment aligns seamlessly with Terry’s philosophy of inclusive growth and community support.

Philanthropy at the Core

Terry’s dedication to community welfare is a philosophy he lives by. “It’s about nurturing a community where people don’t just live but thrive — and for that, the growth and advancement of our local healthcare facilities, like Vail Health, are crucial,” he emphasizes.

Having served as a former Vail Health senior network engineer and volunteer, Terry witnessed firsthand the significance of advanced medical technology and compassionate patient care. This experience fueled his commitment to supporting the Vail Health Shaw Cancer Center, where he has made substantial contributions both personally and through Rhize Tech.

Influence of Family Values

For Terry, the journey from a tech-savvy student at Colorado State University to a philanthropist is deeply rooted in family values. His mother’s teachings on the importance of giving echo in his philanthropic endeavors. 

“My mom taught me the value of giving back. It’s about sharing the gifts we have with others,” Terry says.

From managing the behavioral sciences computer lab at Colorado State University to founding Rhize Tech in 2013, Terry’s evolution in the professional services tech industry was driven by a passion for helping others. His belief in the symbiotic relationship between giving and receiving is evident in the positive impact he continues to make. It’s about creating success stories from the ground up.

Balancing Leadership with Service

Despite his role as CEO demanding a busy schedule, Terry Williams remains actively involved in personal passions and community service. Whether supporting the local PTA, contributing to autism-related causes or coaching his son’s sports teams, Terry invests in shaping the community’s future.

“To ensure a flourishing community, the availability of essential services is pivotal. Vail Health stands as a cornerstone in providing these vital healthcare services,” he emphasizes.

Terry’s generosity extends beyond professional boundaries, ensuring that residents and visitors in Eagle County, Summit County and the mountain communities served by Vail Health have continued access to exceptional, locally provided health care, with advanced data center and cloud configurations. 

“The real joy comes from seeing the direct impact of our contributions,” Terry concludes.

More About Terry Williams

Want to learn more about Rhize Tech’s CEO and who we are? Read the full article on Terry Williams on the Vail Health Foundation’s website.

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