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  • Struggling with the same IT issues over and over again?
  • Frustrated by IT support that’s slow to respond or fix problems?
  • Overwhelmed by complex technical jargon?
  • Need 24/7 assistance without compromise?

There’s a better way: Rhize Tech helpdesk services keep you up and running.

We See You Wearing All Those Hats

With so much on your plate, tackling IT challenges is the last thing you need. And if you’re getting unresponsive or subpar service from your service desk provider, it just adds to the frustration. The negative impact on your daily operations is real.

You don’t need that in your business.

At Rhize Tech, our goal is to solve your tech problems with patience and understanding. Your challenges are ours to overcome together.

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Helpdesk Solutions

Helpdesk/Service Desk Support

Get back to work with swift issue resolutions and personalized assistance.

Cyber Security

Proactive Issue Prevention

Stay ahead of potential problems with our proactive monitoring and issue prevention strategies.


24/7 Availability

Gain peace of mind with round-the-clock support availability.

Professional Services

User Training and Guidance

Empower your team to make the most out of your IT infrastructure and Microsoft investments.

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity Protection

Keep the bad guys out with email filtering, firewall solutions and more. 

Helpdesk Solutions

At Rhize Tech, we offer clients two bundles of services: Essentials and Elite. Each of these bundles provides robust network management and maintenance. In addition, the Elite bundle provides more advanced and proactive services: particularly focused on security and recovery. 

By comparison, our Elite package is designed to take a more forward-thinking approach to security through risk-based authentication, threat hunting based on AI and endpoint health postures.

Here’s what is included in both of the Rhize Tech bundles: 


Core services

Including device management monitoring, network monitoring, Microsoft Business Premium license, disk encryption, NIST compliance assessment, and security information and event management (SIEM) monitored log ingestion.

Email security

Including basic spam filtering, data loss protection, email encryption and more.

Endpoint protection

Including threat monitoring 24/7, user behavioral detection and prevention, advanced managed detection response (MDR), and endpoint protection platform.

Multifactor authentication/single sign-on

Including passwordless authentication, trusted endpoints and protection from push phishing.

Network security

Including traffic forwarding, cybermesh data centers, zero-trust network access, next-gen cloud firewall, VPN, intrusion detection and protection (IDP) and much more.


Core services

Including network monitoring, device management monitoring, NIST compliance assessment, Microsoft Business Premium license, disk encryption, and security information and event management (SIEM) monitored log ingestion.

Email security

Including all services in Essentials package, plus web security, domain fraud protection, SIEM/SOAR/XDR integration, automated workflows, threat hunting and response, and security awareness training.

Endpoint protection

Including all services in Essentials package, plus automatic remediation (Mac/Linux), autonomous threat hunting, and advanced reporting and analytics.

Multifactor authentication/single sign-on

Including all elements of Essentials package, plus risk-based authentication, device health posture and threat detection.

Network security

All the comprehensive elements that are included in the Essentials package.

Additional Available Services

On top of our pre-configured bundles, the Rhize Tech team also allows clients to add on more service options. We guide your decision making to truly customize and balance service versus budget constraints.

These add-ons are frequently selected: 

  • Managed workstation, server and cloud backups.
  • Network switch management.
  • PCI and HIPAA assessments. 
  • Cameras.

Frequently Asked Questions

Outsourced helpdesk and support services involve hiring a third-party company to handle  technical support and IT-related issues on behalf of your business. These services can be provided remotely or on-site. Your team knows they can count on these services to address issues with technology.

Our clients find that outsourcing saves their business time and money because it limits downtime and team frustration. You receive efficient and high-quality support that allows you to focus on core business functions. 

As you compare helpdesk and support service providers, consider their experience, expertise, reputation and the specific services they offer. Be sure to ask for current references and check their track record with other clients. Remember, a good fit is essential for success, so you should take the time you need to make an informed decision.

Today’s business leaders can choose to outsource a wide range of support services, including technical support, customer service, IT helpdesk, software troubleshooting, hardware maintenance and more. It all depends on your business needs, budget and internal resources.

Unfortunately, in our current environment, data security is always a critical concern. Talk to each potential outsourcing partner about the data protection measures they have in place, including compliance with relevant regulations like HIPAA, if applicable.

At Rhize Tech, we know that clear communication channels, regular meetings and defined processes are crucial. If you are considering other helpdesk or support providers, ask if there is a designated point of contact to facilitate communication.

Mitigate Risks and Maximize Success With the Right Helpdesk Partner

If you’re not taking advantage of expert helpdesk and service desk support, the consequences could be big. Don’t let delays, downtime and inefficiencies hold you back. 

Experience a seamless and proactive support environment with Rhize Tech.

Free Security Risk Audit

Are you leaving the doors open for cybercriminals to invade your organization? With a security risk audit from Rhize Tech, you’ll learn: 

  • Where the gaps are in your security practices. 
  • How employees can help defend your company from scams, phishing and breaches. 
  • What measures you need to take to qualify for effective cyber insurance.

Don’t put your company’s data and reputation at risk. Know more and be better protected with guidance from our experts. 


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