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Business Security Made Simple: Implementing Milestone Video Surveillance

Implementing video surveillance for business security is an affordable and smart option. Rhize Tech partners with Milestone Systems to offer businesses in the Vail Valley and beyond state-of-the-art security systems. 

Recently Milestone Systems’ XProtect 2023 R2 was voted as the Top Video Surveillance Software in the 2023 SecurityInfoWatch.com Readers’ Choice Awards. XProtect introduced powerful new features including adaptive playback, video restrictions and improvements in XProtect management server capabilities. The release focuses on an improved user experience. It gives operators the ability to limit access to certain video sequences and provides increased security with new management server enhancements.

The team at Rhize Tech offers more than 100 years of combined experience in enterprise technology. The company is the first large-scale IT and security solutions provider to work with businesses in the Vail Valley. 

If your business in the high country of Colorado needs security solutions, here’s a simplified guide to help you get started. It starts with an assessment of your needs by the team at Rhize Tech. 

Assessment and Planning

The team at Rhize Tech will work with you to identify key areas to be monitored such as entry points, storage areas and high-value assets. We will also determine the number of cameras needed and their placement for optimal coverage.

Equipment Selection

The team at Rhize Tech recommends using the Milestone XProtect Essential+ as your video management software. It’s a free, entry-level version suitable for businesses. We will help you select cameras compatible with Milestone software. We will consider factors like resolution, night vision and weatherproofing if cameras are located outdoors.


The team at Rhize Tech will install cameras in strategic locations according to your plan. We will ensure they are securely mounted and positioned to cover critical areas effectively. We will connect cameras to your network and configure them to communicate with the Milestone software.


Once the cameras are installed, we will set up Milestone XProtect Essential+ on a dedicated computer or server and upload all required software. We will also configure cameras with the Milestone software, defining recording schedules, motion detection settings and user access controls.

Monitoring and Alerts

Obviously, training is important, so we will show your team how to monitor the surveillance system through the Milestone software interface. Your team will learn how to check live feeds and review recorded footage as needed. We will also provide guidance on how to set up alerts and notifications for motion detection, or other predefined events, to receive instant notifications of potential security breaches.

Video Surveillance User Training

As part of the Milestone training, your team members will learn how to access and use the software for basic monitoring and playback of footage. Security protocols and the importance of the surveillance system in deterring theft or unauthorized access will also be addressed.

Maintenance and Upkeep

As your long-term partner, the team at Rhize Tech can also perform routine maintenance tasks such as cleaning camera lenses and checking connections to ensure optimal performance. We can also regularly review recorded footage to ensure the system is functioning correctly and address any technical issues promptly.

Compliance and Legal Considerations

Rhize Tech can ensure compliance with local laws and regulations regarding video surveillance. We can also provide signage indicating the presence of surveillance cameras where required.

Expansion and Upgrades

As your business grows or security needs evolve, you can expand the surveillance system by adding more cameras or upgrading to advanced versions of Milestone software with additional features.

By following these steps and focusing on simplicity and effectiveness, businesses in Colorado’s high country can implement Milestone video surveillance to enhance security and protect their assets with minimal hassle.

If you want peace of mind, contact the team at Rhize Tech today.

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