We’d Like to Introduce Ourselves!

We recently came to the realization that despite having a few years of business under our belt, we’ve not formally introduced ourselves. You’ll begin to see regular content posted to this blog, but before we start blasting you weekly, we thought it best to make a formal introduction. So, here goes. Hello, we are Rhize! […]

Employee Travels: South Africa & Zambia

Our operations manager, Molly, took some time off at the end of March to explore parts of South Africa and Victoria Falls (one of the Seven Wonders of the World!).

Startup Culture In The Mountains

There are two types of startup companies in the world: regular startups and mountain startups. (Ok, there are a few more, but go with it.)  Like all startups, Rhize Tech boasts a lean team with lofty goals, made up of industry experts and creative minds committed to innovative, fresh solutions. Like all startups, Rhize Tech […]