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Budget and Roadmapping: IT and Network Support

IT and network support

Building a strategic IT roadmap and budget is no simple task. As businesses strive for efficiency, growth and resilience, aligning IT strategies with overarching business goals becomes crucial for continued success.  In this blog post, we explore how you can create the right IT budget and how a trusted managed service provider (MSP) can guide […]

Outsourcing to a Helpdesk Services Company

Helpdesk services

As your business grows, you may find that managing an internal helpdesk for your team’s technology issues becomes challenging over time. The volume of service requests may outstrip your resources, hindering your ability to succeed.  So, what’s the solution to prevent service and support failures from derailing your growth? Many businesses turn to managed service […]

Digital transformation in mountain communities

When people think about digital transformation, they aren’t usually thinking about businesses in mountain communities like ours, and that’s something we’d like to see change. Digital technologies can disrupt and empower businesses in the high country just like they can in the city. The thing is, most people up here haven’t heard of the term, […]

Cisco Spark is our chosen collaboration tool — here’s why

Instant messaging at the office has been a workplace reality – and necessity – since 1997, when AOL, Inc. launched AIM. Over the past 20 years, though, instant messaging has evolved from away messages and embarrassing usernames to a very real way for companies to communicate and collaborate internally. AIM has since fallen to the […]

‘WannaCry’ and the reality of cyber threats

The ‘Wanna Cry’ cyber attack brought cyber security into focus for millions of businesses and individuals worldwide. While it’s impossible to call an event of this scale positive, the attention brought to the realities of cyber security as a result of this attack, is helpful. Experts have long decried the lack of preparation and understanding […]

FREE Security Audit

Are you leaving the doors open for cybercriminals to invade your organization? With a security risk audit from Rhize Tech, you’ll learn: Where the gaps are in your security practices. How employees can help defend your company from scams, phishing and breaches. What measures you need to take to qualify for effective cyber insurance. Don’t […]

4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Managed Services

Managing the broad range of technologies and services your business needs to find success in today’s world is tough! Because of this, the list of organizations turning to IT professionals (like us) to manage everything from Data Centers to Network Security and Applications is growing. Recent studies have shown that by 2019, the managed services […]

Transforming a Multi-Building Campus: Rhize Tech’s 100-Hour Donation Brings Cutting-Edge Network Infrastructure to Non-Profit Medical Facility in Gypsum, Colorado

When a non-profit medical facility in Gypsum, Colorado needed an infrastructure, layout, and cabling overhaul for MDFs and IDFs in a multi-building campus, one of our engineers donated over 100 hours of his time. He connected all of the buildings using a mixture of ethernet extenders and wireless point-to-point shots, as well as built out […]